The Tenderfoot Story

Hello! My name is Sara Patalano and I am the artist behind Tenderfoot Creations. 
I grew up in Rehoboth, Massachusetts and moved to Portland, Maine in 1997, where I earned a BFA from the Maine College of Art. In the winter of 2007, I started Tenderfoot Creations, which at the time were all hand stitched. I attended my first craft fair that summer in New Hampshire, where I sold 2 of my first character creations, Mr. Stevenson and Littlefoot. Since then the family of characters has grown and with them so have I.

Plush Design and Construction:
Each of my plush start out as drawings, which I then make into a pattern so that I can replicate the new design as well as make changes to the next one.

All of my characters and products are original designs.
Each is made using a combination of machine and hand stitching.

I use the following materials to make my plush:
Polyester fleece, faux fur, Eco Felt, polyester fiberfill, plastic safety eyes and noses, embroidery floss, thread, pom poms, buttons and Liqiud Stitch.
All are finished off with my professionally made label, stitched into the seam. 

I do not recommend plush with small or plastic parts for children under 3, as they pose a choking hazard. Please use care. All plush are available for order with the option of stitched and embroidered features.

Tenderfoot Creations Logo and card design by Sean Wilkinson Design
My new Lucky Foot tags were drawn and designed by fellow Portland artist, Eric Hou!